Not just documents, a house and a school, but above all social and cultural integration.

Simonetta Barbaro’s clients are provided with :

A personal consulting: a unique interlocutor throughout the various transfer steps and two watchwords : listening and taking care of my clients and their families
A large scale of modular services: such personalized services take into consideration the different stages of the mobility process as well as our clients’ individual requirements
Multi lingual consultants: fully experienced as far as the international aspects are concerned
Personalized relocation programs
A 100% independent structure


I offer relocation services, which involves helping foreigners get themselves organised when they transfer to Italy to live a new adventure. Here I would like to highlight an aspect of the relocation process that is rarely if ever given the importance it deserves. Because, in fact, it is of vital importance.

Underlying the corporate policy that leads to someone being transferred abroad there are numerous factors with a great many variables coming into play. There is also a considerable amount of expense involved. For all of these reasons, the person who gets “served hand and foot” tends to be exclusively the manager who is being transferred. For him (because nine times out of ten it is a man), everything is organised: the timetable, the ways and means, intensive courses, preparatory meetings, etc. His family situation is also handled with the same methodical impersonality as buying an air ticket.

But the real protagonist of this immense change of life-style is the woman, the so-called “trailing spouse”, who finds herself unconsciously involved in a sort of blind date with a foreign culture. And given that she is the one who tends to keep the family together, she is the one who needs to be motivated; she is the one whose needs ought to be understood; she is the one whose “cultural” integration needs much more attention than it generally receives.

Because when her husband is in the office, busy from morning to night, and the kids are in school, it is her “void” that has to be filled. Why? Because she risks feeling that she does not belong to the new social context that surrounds her; and this in turn risks jeopardising the entire mission for which the company has invested a great deal of time, money and expectations. There is little point in having her join exclusive clubs for foreigners in Italy and thinking that is enough, because outside of those circles she is likely to suffer even more from that sense of “not belonging” to a situation that she has to survive on a day-to-day basis.
The only way of guaranteeing that an international transfer is successful is to take care of the “trailing spouse” as well, making sure that she is properly integrated into her new day-to-day world.
This is my way of providing relocation services: not just documents, a house and a school, but above all social and cultural integration.